Behind the scenes III – Gendarmerie Nationale

5 March, 2021

The EXFILES consortium is made up of several Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) from all over Europe. One of them is the Gendarmerie Nationale and more specifically its Forensic Laboratory IRCGN.

The Institut de Recherche Criminelle de la Gendarmerie Nationale is the National Forensic Laboratory for the French Gendarmerie. This force is responsible for 50% of the French population and 95% of the territory. It is part of the military and able to conduct operations anywhere, anytime on homeland, overseas or on war theaters where other French forces are deployed. The laboratory conducts forensic examinations in almost every field, including medicine, ballistics, toxicology, digital, explosives, DNA, fingerprints, fibers, etc. It also has a DVI unit and a CRNB capacity.