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23 February, 2022

Paper in ‘IEEE Security and Privacy Workshops (SPW)’

SHEPHERD, Carlton, MARKANTONAKIS, Konstantinos, et JALOYAN, Georges-Axel: “LIRA-V: Lightweight remote attestation for constrained RISC-V devices”

22 February, 2022

Paper in ‘Computers & Security’

SHEPHERD, Carlton, MARKANTONAKIS, Konstantinos, VAN HEIJNINGEN, Nico, et al: “Physical fault injection and side-channel attacks on mobile devices: A comprehensive analysis”

21 February, 2022

Paper in ‘Forensic Science International: Digital Investigation’

FUKAMI, Aya, STOYKOVA, Radina, et GERADTS, Zeno: A new model for forensic data extraction from encrypted mobile devices

22 September, 2021

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2 October, 2020

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4 September, 2020

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