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Encrypted mobile phones are often a key factor in criminal cases; the data stored in these devices may contain critical evidence. With most telephones protected by encryption, the rapid processing of critical evidence by various information retrieval techniques is slowed down, if not made impossible. EXFILES will use software exploitation, hardware methods and combined methods to give law enforcement officials the tools and protocols for rapid and consistent data extraction in strict legal contexts. Tools and methods inspired by other areas of information security (e.g. security assessments based on common criteria) will lead to new judicial methods of accessing data for lawful investigations. EXFILES will focus on the ethical and legal aspects of research and exploitation as well as dissemination and training activities for the next generation of forensic experts.


Technical Lead
Driss Aboulkassimi
CEA-LETI, Campus Minatec

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Project Coordinator
Klaus-Michael Koch

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24 May, 2022

EXFILES Podcast Episode #4

In this episode we welcome Rebecca Roache, a British philosopher and Senior Lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London and Jonathan Seglow, Associate Professor in the Department of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy also at at Royal Holloway.
28 April, 2022

Independent Ethics Advisor

Dr. Thomas Gremsl was appointed as independent Ethics Advisor of EXFILES to continuously monitor the ethics issues that might arise in this project and how they are handled. Dr. Thomas Gremsl completed the diploma course in Catholic religion and history,...



17 - 18

PHISIC 2022 Workshop


Gardanne, France
CEA organised a workshop and participated in the international workshop on HW security "Workshop on Practical Hardware Innovations in Security Implementation and Characterization"


01 - 02

Security Research Event


Participation of partners in activities organized jointly with other H2020 projects


14 - 14

CERIS workshop on money laundering


Virtual event
TECHNIKON participated in this workshop on actual legislation on anti-money laundering and countering terrorist financing and the role of banking system in detection of money laundering.

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