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Encrypted mobile phones are often a key factor in criminal cases; the data stored in these devices may contain critical evidence. With most telephones protected by encryption, the rapid processing of critical evidence by various information retrieval techniques is slowed down, if not made impossible. EXFILES will use software exploitation, hardware methods and combined methods to give law enforcement officials the tools and protocols for rapid and consistent data extraction in strict legal contexts. Tools and methods inspired by other areas of information security (e.g. security assessments based on common criteria) will lead to new judicial methods of accessing data for lawful investigations. EXFILES will focus on the ethical and legal aspects of research and exploitation as well as dissemination and training activities for the next generation of forensic experts.


Technical Lead
Assia Tria
Commissariat a l Energie Atomique et Aux Energies Alternatives France

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Project Coordinator
Klaus-Michael Koch

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5 March, 2021

Behind the scenes III – Gendarmerie Nationale

The EXFILES consortium is made up of several Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) from all over Europe. One of them is the Gendarmerie Nationale and more specifically its Forensic Laboratory IRCGN.
3 March, 2021

Behind the scenes II – CEA

The EXFILES project is led by CEA-Leti (technical leader).
2 October, 2020



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Internal project kickoff meeting

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