Roundtable on Privacy, Mobile Technology and Cybersecurity 17 May 2023

15 May, 2023

A discussion organised by the Department of Information Security and Department of Politics, International Relations, and Philosophy into the ethical and legal challenges around privacy, mobile technology and cybersecurity, and privacy

With a panel including Prof. Peter Fussey, Dr Eliza Watt, Dr Matthew Hall, and Mr Robert Carolina. A selection of light refreshments is provided for the event.

Dr Watt is an academic lawyer interested in states’ cyber surveillance activities and human rights from the perspective of international law, as well as cybercrime and data protection. Dr Watt is the author of a book on state-sponsored cyber surveillance and several articles and chapters.

Prof Fussey is a sociologist who has published extensively on surveillance, big data, algorithmic justice, intelligence oversight, technology and policing and has been awarded several large grants for his research in these areas. He is a director of the Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy (CRISP) – a collaboration between surveillance researchers at Essex and other universities.

Dr Hall’s background is in political theory, and his interests are in how emerging security technologies affect our understanding of liberty, autonomy and legitimacy and how these ideas can help us navigate the ethical consequences of these emerging technologies.

Mr Carolina is a practising lawyer specialising in information and communications technologies, cyber security, and intellectual property. He is the author of Law and Regulation in The Cyber Security Body of Knowledge, published by the National Cybersecurity Centre. He has lectured at Royal Holloway and advised many large enterprises and start-up companies.