Scientific Publications

15 July, 2023

Journal Paper in ‘ScienceDirect’

Julien Maillard, Thomas Hiscock, Maxime Lecomte, Christophe Clavier: “Side-Channel Disassembly on a System-on-Chip: A Practical Feasibility Study”

29 January, 2023

Paper in ‘CARDIS 2022’

FANJAS, Clément, GAINE, Clément, ABOULKASSIMI, Driss, PONTIÉ, Simon, POTIN, Olivier: “Combined Fault Injection and Real-Time Side-Channel Analysis for Android Secure-Boot Bypassing”

24 January, 2023

Paper in ‘Cryptology ePrint Archive’

Clément Fanjas , Clément Gaine , Driss Aboulkassimi, Simon Pontié and Olivier Potin: “Real-Time Frequency Detection to Synchronize Fault Injection on System-on-Chip”

28 November, 2022

Paper in ‘IEEE Xplore’

SHEPHERD, Carlton, SEMAL Benjamin, MARKANTONAKIS: “Investigating Black-Box Function Recognition Using Hardware Performance Counters”

22 March, 2022

Paper in ‘arXiv’

SHEPHERD, Carlton, KALBANTNER, Jan, SEMAL, Benjamin, MARKANTONAKIS, Konstantinos: “A Side-channel Analysis of Sensor Multiplexing for Covert Channels and Application Fingerprinting on Mobile Devices”

23 February, 2022

Paper in ‘IEEE Security and Privacy Workshops (SPW)’

SHEPHERD, Carlton, MARKANTONAKIS, Konstantinos, et JALOYAN, Georges-Axel: “LIRA-V: Lightweight remote attestation for constrained RISC-V devices”

22 February, 2022

Paper in ‘Computers & Security’

SHEPHERD, Carlton, MARKANTONAKIS, Konstantinos, VAN HEIJNINGEN, Nico, et al: “Physical fault injection and side-channel attacks on mobile devices: A comprehensive analysis”

22 September, 2021

Paper in ‘Forensic Science International: Digital Investigation’

FUKAMI, Aya, STOYKOVA, Radina, et GERADTS, Zeno: A new model for forensic data extraction from encrypted mobile devices

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